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Thursday, January 16, 2014

First Day of Class

It's that time again! Classes technically start today. I'm taking an online class this semester so that one starts today. My other classes don't start until next Tuesday so this weekend will be my school supply shopping weekend. New spiral notebooks, cool pens, and different colored highlighters (I don't care what research says - I like my highlighters). A new document folder on my computer is made: Spring Semester 2014. Yeah, I'm that geeky person.

There's an air of excitement on campus today. It always is the first day of each semester. The new folks coming in are scared, but excited. The ones returning are either feeling excited or dreadful, depending on where they are in their program. I'm one of the excited ones. I have one semester of grad school under my belt so I feel better prepared for the second semester. Plus, we were told that if we made it through the first semester of the school psych program here, then we're good to go for the remainder. I survived the first semester so I feel accomplished. 

This semester, I'm taking an intro class to exceptional learners, Psych Ed Assessment II, Practicum, and a stats class. It's one more class than I took last semester, but one of them is online so that'll be nice. I told myself after the last online class I took that I would never take another one, but I'm hoping this one will turn out okay. I like the set-up of it and like any online class, as long as I budget my time well, it should flow pretty smoothly.

Two more semesters and an internship after this and I'll be released into the public! Two years, four months, and five days!

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