Sunday, January 12, 2014

Spring Lacy Crochet Baby Hat

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon here at the house. I'm taking a bit of time to recuperate from whatever it was I had last week (I think it may have been the flu), crocheting on one of my projects. I'm working on a crochet baby girl hat for a friend of a friend and I picked out a pattern I've never used before. Here is the link: Spring Lacy Hat for Baby Girls. So far, it's a neat little pattern. This is what I've gotten done so far:

I love the shell stitch. It's such a simple stitch, but it makes up so pretty! I should get done with it this afternoon if the boys don't keep me busy and I don't get distracted by the football game (Go Broncos!) so I'll post a picture of the end result. 

Update: Here it is! 

I got the pattern for the flower from here: Geranium by DROPS Design. It's a very simple design. Be sure to specify whether you want the British or American version because British stitches are just a tad bit different than our stitches across the pond here. :)

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