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Monday, January 27, 2014

How the Days Fly!

First week of grad school semester #2 and I already feel behind. Where did the time go??? Where did my Christmas break go??? I had great plans of getting ahead of my reading, but my books didn't come in time to do that. *sigh*

At the moment, I'm taking a few minutes to de-stress (with a brownie and milk), listening to Piano Adagios on Pandora. I've gotten addicted to that little app. I can turn it on at work or at home, plug in my ear buds and I've shut everything out except for my classical music, my classic rock, my top 40 music, or my 80s tunes, depending on what I'm doing at the time.

This semester we have our reading logs, just like last semester. This time, though, we're doing case studies. Three in all, to be exact. Real folks - real situations. We're putting the skills we learned last semester to work. I don't know how other grad school programs are, but I have really been impressed with the M.A./Ed.S. school psychology program at the University of Memphis. We hit the ground running on day one, learning the skills we will need to become effective school psychologists. I feel like I have worked my tush off and it's not over yet, but after this semester I'll be over the hump I think.

Part of my reading for tonight!
So I'll be busy reading about assessments, ADHD, and getting very, very VERY familiar with the DSM-5. In between that, though, I'm still going to make some time to relax. 2 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

College Textbooks

My college textbooks cost an arm and a leg this semester. I negotiated keeping my firstborn so kiddo's safe. I understand folks need to make money, but c'mon people - $591 for six books, one of which is thinner than a Southern Living magazine! *grumble* They ARE books I will use in the future for reference so that makes it worth the expense, I reckon. That's what keeps me from renting them - the fact that I will use them for reference once I'm working in the field. It's just hard justifying paying the price for books when I'm trying to pay for other necessities throughout the semester, but at the end of it all I'll have a ton of information crammed into my brain (hopefully organized in a coherent manner) and that's what grad school is all about.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Ethiopian Food Adventures

I love to try new places to eat and I had heard from a few people about Ethiopian food. One co-worker said if we liked Indian food, we'd love Ethiopian food. Another co-worker said the restaurant she went to was really good and the service was great. This past weekend we decided to try it out and went to an Ethiopian restaurant out in the Cordova area called Ethopian Restaurant. The lady in charge has been in business about fifteen months and came out to talk with us towards the end to describe what we were eating and to just chat for a minute. She was so nice and has gotten a lot of support for her restaurant this past year. The food was heavenly! It's eaten similar to Indian-style, more with the bread than with utensils. The bread was called injera, it's made from teff flour and was so unusual because it was spongy so it was a very different texture than what we were used to. We started out with an appetizer, beef sambusa which was a fried dumpling kind of food and came with a chili-sauce style dip. My eating buddy had doro tibs which was chicken with onions, green pepper, and other spices and I had the yebeg wot which was lamb with Ethiopian spices. It came with a crumbled up kind of cheese, spiced cabbage, chickpeas, and lentils. We had a ton of food, but we did manage to put a dent in it. We still wound up with quite a few leftovers so we'll probably split a plate next time. We loved it, though. The food was flavorful spicy, but not very hot spicy (although they CAN accommodate anyone who wants a bit more heat). It's over by the Malco theater in Cordova and they also have a lunch buffet. We were impressed. And we'll definitely be going back!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Camouflage Mile-A-Minute Afghan

What do you do when you have a teenager who loves camouflage? Make them a camouflage afghan! And it's finished! Well, almost. I still need to tuck in the edges, but outside of that it's done. I've crocheted a mile-a-minute afghan before, but I did an altered pattern. I made one for my fiance patterned after one made for him by his granny that had been lost in a divorce. This time, I used the pattern from my Leisure Arts Our Best Afghans A to Z book. I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn - 6 skeins of the Camo yarn and 3 skeins of the Black yarn. This really is a fun pattern to crochet.

Here's a close-up. It's a shell stitch with a round of double crochets, a v-stitch, and a third round of double crochet. 

Here's a photo of the back. I put the panels together with a whip stitch. 

And here's a couple of photos of the finished product! Ignore the stray pieces of yarn hanging out. I'm hoping to get them all tucked in by the end of the night. 


Another project down - 50 gazillion more to go!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

First Day of Class

It's that time again! Classes technically start today. I'm taking an online class this semester so that one starts today. My other classes don't start until next Tuesday so this weekend will be my school supply shopping weekend. New spiral notebooks, cool pens, and different colored highlighters (I don't care what research says - I like my highlighters). A new document folder on my computer is made: Spring Semester 2014. Yeah, I'm that geeky person.

There's an air of excitement on campus today. It always is the first day of each semester. The new folks coming in are scared, but excited. The ones returning are either feeling excited or dreadful, depending on where they are in their program. I'm one of the excited ones. I have one semester of grad school under my belt so I feel better prepared for the second semester. Plus, we were told that if we made it through the first semester of the school psych program here, then we're good to go for the remainder. I survived the first semester so I feel accomplished. 

This semester, I'm taking an intro class to exceptional learners, Psych Ed Assessment II, Practicum, and a stats class. It's one more class than I took last semester, but one of them is online so that'll be nice. I told myself after the last online class I took that I would never take another one, but I'm hoping this one will turn out okay. I like the set-up of it and like any online class, as long as I budget my time well, it should flow pretty smoothly.

Two more semesters and an internship after this and I'll be released into the public! Two years, four months, and five days!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Double Crochet Baby Hat

I've got a couple of other afghans going, but I took some time out to crochet up another one of these:

I used some yarn given to me, Baby Bee Sweet Delight Crayons Ombre. I love how it makes a pattern when you crochet it! Here is the pattern for the hat: Crocheted Baby Hat by Hooked on Needles. These can be made up in about a couple of hours so they make great quickie gifts!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Spring Lacy Crochet Baby Hat

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon here at the house. I'm taking a bit of time to recuperate from whatever it was I had last week (I think it may have been the flu), crocheting on one of my projects. I'm working on a crochet baby girl hat for a friend of a friend and I picked out a pattern I've never used before. Here is the link: Spring Lacy Hat for Baby Girls. So far, it's a neat little pattern. This is what I've gotten done so far:

I love the shell stitch. It's such a simple stitch, but it makes up so pretty! I should get done with it this afternoon if the boys don't keep me busy and I don't get distracted by the football game (Go Broncos!) so I'll post a picture of the end result. 

Update: Here it is! 

I got the pattern for the flower from here: Geranium by DROPS Design. It's a very simple design. Be sure to specify whether you want the British or American version because British stitches are just a tad bit different than our stitches across the pond here. :)

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