Sunday, March 24, 2013

That Thing Has Legs!

I haven't been playing Dragon Age 2 here lately. I had some problems with my Internet connection, but I've gotten a good enough connection to get back on Xbox Live now. I could play Dragon Age 2 offline, but Xbox Live has spoiled me. I want the achievements. Especially after battling this insanely ugly thing:

To top it off, we had to battle the absolute worst thing Dragon Age could put in their world: spiders. I mean, spiders bigger than your body! I can't look when they come in. I just close my eyes and hit A. Repeatedly. Until I hear the battle ending. I get full body shivers every time I come across those stupid things. I had an hour between work so while I was eating, I hopped on to see if I could at least get one quest in. I had no idea I was going to run into this gargantuan thing. All my characters died once. The second time two of us died, but we got it. AND I got my achievement. That Thing Has Legs: Found and killed a varterral. My work here is done.

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